Cosmetic Dentist Lake of the Ozarks

Cosmetic Dentist Lake of the Ozarks

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Cosmetic Smile Makeovers in Lake of the Ozarks

If you could wake up one day with all your aesthetic tooth concerns corrected, what would your smile look like? It would probably look a lot like what it will when you have our cosmetic smile makeover here at Crown Dental.

Advancements in dental technology continue to astound, but they’ve already given us such remarkable option as dental implants and noticeably whiter teeth in as little as an hour. Those are just two of the components that our cosmetic dentist Lake of the Ozarks puts to us. The others are bonding, which is the placement of soft composite resins which are then molded to cover up tooth imperfections; and veneers, thin shells fashioned out of porcelain that perform a similar role as bonding does. When you come in for a consultation and examination with our cosmetic dentist Lake of the Ozarks, your needs and preferences are taken into account so that a treatment plan can be developed; one that is perfectly suited to your needs. For example, if you don’t have any missing teeth, then implants won’t be applicable. But if you do have empty space where you used to have one or more teeth, you’ll say goodbye to that empty space and hello to a smile full of beautiful, fully functional teeth. You’ll be able to see the improvements, as each step in the overall process is completed. Bonding and/or veneers cover up chipped, misshapen, crooked, or colored teeth. They eliminate unsightly gaps and too much gum tissue showing. They do all that and more. And our teeth whitening completes the makeover, with a brighter and more brilliant smile showing through.

Are you ready to get started? All you have to do is reach out to our office. We will arrange a convenient time for you to come in and meet with our cosmetic dentist Lake of the Ozarks.

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