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Denture Mintenance and Care in Hugo

Hugo Dentist
Hugo Dentist

If you have missing teeth that need to be replaced, you may be getting dentures at our dental practice, Crown Dental. At our dental office, our Hugo dentist will be able to provide you with attractive, fully functional, and comfortable dentures; just one of our expert dentists is Dr. B. W. Austin.

When you leave our office with your new dentures, it is important that you know about proper denture maintenance and care. Our dentist and office staff will be sure that you have complete care instructions when you leave our dental office. It is very important that dentures are well taken care of so that they will not become damaged and so that they can last for a long time. Eventually dentures will need to be replaced, but with excellent care they should provide you with many years of wear. When you first get dentures in your mouth, don’t be surprised if they feel a bit awkward. However, you will soon begin to feel comfortable with the dentures in a short amount of time. It is important that you learn how to insert and remove the dentures in a safe way. You should stand over a full sink of water, or over a table with a towel on it, so if the dentures inadvertently fall they will not be damaged. Also, in the beginning when you are getting used to the dentures, eat foods that are easy to choose. Also, cut your food into small pieces and chew evenly on both sides of your mouth so as to apply equal pressure to the dentures. You will also want to avoid eating foods which are sticky or hard. Chewing gum should also be put off until you have completely adjusted to your new dentures. If your dentures break, develop a crack, or chip, contact our office immediately. Our Hugo dentist may be able to make the necessary adjustments at our office; in any case, you should never try to fix the dentures yourself.

For an appointment to see our Hugo dentist regarding getting dentures, contact us today.

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