Lebanon toothache

Lebanon Toothache

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Common causes of toothaches in Lebanon

Lebanon toothache
Lebanon toothache

Toothaches are common and happen to many people on a daily basis. There are many reasons that a tooth can begin to hurt over time and require dental work to fix the toothache. At Crown Dental, if you are suffering from a Lebanon toothache, call our offices for information on how we can help.

A Lebanon toothache can be the result of many different problems. At Crown Dental our goal is to find the cause and reverse the damage that tooth decay causes. Damage, tooth decay or infection can all happen and cause a toothache that signals something is wrong. Sometimes a toothache may stem from tooth decay, which is a common problem, although if not treated it can become more severe and require a root canal. Tooth pain can happen when eating hot or cold foods, they can become sensitive to heat or cold, or they can be prey to swelling and redness around the gum area. Sensitive teeth can sometimes be a result of receding gums or thinning tooth enamel, or a cracked tooth or cavity.

For oral pain stemming from a Lebanon toothache we recommend using a toothpaste that helps sensitivity or using topical over the counter numbing agents for pain relief. Some toothaches can be very painful, needing immediate treatment. Whatever the cause, our dentist can diagnose and treat it immediately. If a cavity has caused tooth decay to the point where the tooth needs a root canal, we can remove the infected pulp that has caused the pain and clean and seal the area properly with an endodontic procedure. After the root canal, we then put a crown over the tooth to protect it. Root canals require a short healing period, and patients must keep the teeth clean and free of debris, smoke or irritating substances to make sure the root canal site heals properly.

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