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Linn Creek Dental Bridge Work

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Dental bridges in Linn Creek

Linn Creek dental bridge work
Linn Creek dental bridge work

If you need to get a dental bridge to replace a missing tooth, or teeth, you will want to come to see us at Crown Dental. At our dental practice, we offer excellent Linn Creek dental bridge work; our fixed and partial dental bridges are perfectly color-matched to adjacent teeth so no one will ever know you have them in your mouth.

When you first come to our dental practice, you will be seen by one of our expert dentists, just one of whom is Dr. B.W. Austin. Our dentist will assess your need for Linn Creek dental bridge work and talk to you about your treatment options. A dental bridge can be either fixed or removable. It can be used to replace missing teeth, maintain the shape of your face, and alleviate stress on your bite, as well. A bridge replaces missing teeth with artificial teeth. A fixed bridge is a replacement crown with dental crowns on either side of it. The two end crowns are placed over the adjacent permanent teeth so that the new replacement tooth will fit perfectly into the gap left by the missing tooth. This type of dental bridge is permanently installed in your mouth, and is never removed, unless it becomes damaged or needs to be otherwise replaced. Usually our dental bridges are made of porcelain. We also offer removable bridges, also referred to as partial or full dentures. Partial dentures replace the full row of teeth, but leave room for permanent teeth which are still remaining in the mouth. This helps the remaining permanent teeth to stay healthy as it will keep them from shifting while you are eating. Full dentures replace a complete row of teeth, and can be used for top or bottom teeth. These bridges are removed from the mouth several times a day for cleaning and to rest the gums.

For an appointment to come to our dental office for excellent Linn Creek dental bridge work, contact us today.

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