Linn Creek dental bridge work

Linn Creek Dental Bridge Work

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Dental bridges in Linn Creek

Linn Creek dental bridge work
Linn Creek dental bridge work

Walking around with several or all of your teeth missing can ruin not only your smile but hamper your eating, speaking and lower your self-esteem. With advances in dentistry there is no need to have missing teeth since our doctors at Crown Dental can restore missing teeth through the use of several different procedures including Linn Creek dental bridge work.

Linn Creek dental bridge work replaces missing teeth with artificial teeth that look and function just like natural teeth. The bridge can be made of gold, an alloy, porcelain or a combination of these materials. Our doctors can use bridges to replace one tooth, several teeth in a row or even a complete jaw of missing teeth. Smaller bridges of one or a few teeth are usually suspended from and supported by the adjacent teeth. These bridges can be permanently fixed to the adjacent teeth through the use of crowns or can be removable. Removable bridges, or dentures, usually place the artificial teeth in a gum-like base, which sits over the natural gum and is kept in place via hooks or paste adhesive. Removable bridges can be partial or full (replaces a complete jaw of teeth). These dentures must be taken out several times a day for cleaning. Fixed bridges are cleaned through brushing and flossing just like natural teeth.

Our doctors can also use dental implants to support Linn Creek dental bridge work. Our doctors will use a series of implanted titanium anchors that the dentures will be attached to. The number of anchors depends on the size of the bridge. The anchors will hold the dentures more securely than paste adhesive. These implant-supported dentures can be either fixed or removable. Removable implant-supported dentures are usually on a snap-like closure so they can be easily taken out and put back in. Don’t live with missing teeth make an appointment with our office to replace them.

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