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Dental bridges in Linn Creek

Bridges, both fixed and removable, are excellent ways to replace missing teeth. Here at Crown Dental, we are pleased to offer services to meet all your dental needs, including restoring your full smile at our Linn Creek dental office.

A fixed bridge is used to restore one or more teeth. In order for it to be placed properly, it requires that the teeth on either side of it are filed down. This is so anchors can be put in and then held in place with crowns cemented over the top of the anchors. So on the minus side, you will lose some tooth material from two of your other teeth. It is also held at the gum line with cement. All bridges of any type are made at the dental lab, created using the impressions taken by our dentist as a blueprint. Our Linn Creek dental bridge work can also be removable. This type is also referred to as partial dentures. How do does it differ from a fixed bridge? It is a pink plastic base, designed to blend in with your gums. On top of it are the applicable number of prosthetic teeth. When you wear it, you will apply dental adhesive between it and your gums. The removable bridge also clasps to the neighboring teeth. If you’re wondering which one is the best choice for you, the answer is that the decision is typically based on your personal preferences. Fixed bridges are more reliable for chewing, but some patients don’t like the feel of it. And since you can’t take it out, that could be a drawback. Removable bridges give you more flexibility, but can slide when you speak and chew.

Schedule an appointment to come in to our Linn Creek dental office to determine which type of dental bridge work is best suited to you.

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