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Oral Examination in Lebanon MO

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Dental Exams in Lebanon MO

Oral Examination in Lebanon MO
Oral Examination in Lebanon MO

There is simply no more important aspect of oral wellness than to come in two times per year for our oral examination in Lebanon MO. Here at Crown Dental, we take x-rays, do gum disease evaluations, and even provide oral cancer screenings. Early detection and treatment of all aspects of dental health closely associated with the best possible outcomes.

Our oral examination in Lebanon MO begins with a physical examination of your teeth and a visual inspection of them. Our dentist will determine if you have any loose teeth, fillings, or other restorations. This includes a gum disease evaluation. The early stage, gingivitis, typically will reveal symptoms such as redness and irritation. To get a close-up look at what is going on with your teeth and gums, though, it takes x-rays. Cavities are detected this way, as are cysts and other issues that have an impact on your oral health. Bear in mind that a cavity that is filled right now means one that cannot grow larger and leave you prone to a possible toothache, infection, root canal, or even tooth extraction. Gum disease also grows worse if it is not halted and its effects reversed. What began as mild indications can in time become receding gums, persistent bad breath, and bleeding when you brush. If ignored for long enough, your gum and bone tissue can erode, and your teeth will become loose. Fortunately, a teeth cleaning eradicates plaque and hardened tartar, as well as stopping the progress of gum disease and reversing it. As for oral cancer, your lips, tongue, gums, and other parts of your mouth can be affected by it. Screening is simple and non-invasive. And it can help to save your life.

Now is the perfect time to book an appointment for our oral examination in Lebanon MO.

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